Seamlessly Combine Walk-ins and Appointments


Easily Combine Walk-ins and Appointments

Seamlessly integrate your walk-in and appointment business with an intuitive digital display.

Reduce Customer Phone Calls

With many customer self-service features, you can expect a significant reduction in the number of customer phone calls.

Virtual Wait Room

Allow your customers to check-in, see the waitlist on their phone, and receive a text when it’s their turn.

Capture Customer Data and Behavior

Collect customer information to better understand and better serve your customers.

2-Way Text Messaging

Simple interface to text with your customers.

Improve Customer Retention

Ability to identify and contact repeat customers who haven’t visited in a while.

Marketing Capabilities

Ability to market to your customers (coming soon).

Home Check-in

Enable your customers to check-in from home (coming soon).

Happy Customers

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